Thursday, November 15, 2012

Military Affairs

As you know from my story, my husband cheated on my with one of his coworkers while he was on his ship. With the whole Petraeus sex scandal, it's hard not to be effected by it.

My husband did the same thing as Petraeus, except just not ranking as high as him. Everywhere I turn people talk about how he could have risked so much...

I read last night that it's the power and the military's air of what you do away from your wife stays away from your wife. I just read a news article where someone says there is a saying "what's done in TDY stays in TDY" TDY is temporary duty unit.

You know the military gets so much respect. Everyone is always saying oh thanks to the military. Oh let's send care packages to the military. Oh it's do sad they are gone from their families. Boo hoo... Veterans Day - my husband is honored and given free meals everywhere

For what? For working hard and cheating on your family? Yeah that's something to respect and honor. What damn good representation of model citizen.

Petraeus did nothing more than what my husband did. They are both idiots. Stupid stupid idiots.

My husband didn't get into trouble with the military. Why? Because his boss said he would make it go away when slut decided to tell everyone she could about their scandal. Yeah, see that's what they do in the military. They make thins go away... They look the other way and they pat each other on the back for morally wrong decisions because OH they work so hard. Yeah they work so hard that they have time to write thousands of emails back and forth, texts and long phone calls. And they work so hard that they can take long trips to see their sluts. They drink, party and it's all encouraged.

The military should hang their head down in shame as much as Petraeus and others who cheat on their wives at home dealing with the chaos there on their own.

You know there was a time when men would find out their wives were cheating while they were gone... Now it's the men who think as long as they are away from home they are away from their responsibilities as a husband.

Oh it's so great to be American and a military wife. God Bless his wife... I am sure she has been and will go through so much.