Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best Friend Cheats - Lost Another Relationship Due to Infidelity

My best friend cheated on her husband. She left him but not completely. She kept working on the marriage while still seeing the old man she was dating. 

I never thought my husband would cheat on me and I never thought my best friend would she on her husband. 

I'm not doing well because I just don't understand how people can do such hurtful things to people they are supposed to care and love. I mean when you get married, aren't you supposed to be with that person and not want to hurt them. 

Sure you can say that infidelity isn't intentionally hurting someone, it's just unintentional, but really? How can you go off with someone and have fun but the. Not consider you are hurting your spouse?

People just don't care about others. They just don't. They only care about themselves. 

This hurts me.

What else hurts me is because of my best friends affair, I've lost her too. Of course, she can't face me. I lost someone who I thought was my best friend for the same reason why I lost my husband.

I say lost my husband because our vies were broken with his affair and that will be forever. I hate marriage. It's such a joke. People want to say they want to be with someone forever but they don't. Why say it then?

My best friends husband is saying he won't sign the papers. He said that he said I Do for a reason. He is standing by her no matter what and well, she is taking it. 

She wants what every stupid person that cheats does... She wants to have her good time as a single person but still keep her husband in her life. Isn't that nice? 

Her husband is at fault too. He allows that to happen. He still talks to her and goes out with her. He wants her back and he will take whatever he can get from her. The only thing is he won't ever get what he really wants from her, which is a wife.

This is such a bunch of crap. 

I tried talking to my husband about how I feel and he just gets defensive about it. He can't help me. No one can and once again I am alone. 

This whole infidelity thing has led to one overall conclusion. I am alone. It shows me that no one truly cares about anyone. No one thinks about other people when they only think about themselves. 

My husband didn't think about me when he went off to his slut. My best friend didn't think of her husband when she went off with her douchebag. She doesn't think of me when she is going through her marital problems even though I always thought of her. 

I don't want to have anyone close to me anymore because it's just one sided. I am the only one that cares about other people. Other people don't care about me.

Sure, they care enough to say they are a friend, but do they really care? No.... They will hurt me in a second if it's better for them. 

I'm sad I lost my best friend and I'm even sadder because it was due to infidelity... again.