Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Songs About Cheating

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Thanks to Electic Mommy, I have added a couple more songs about cheating to the playlist. Reba's Turn On The Radio and Miranda Lambert's Kerosene. You can click on the links for the lyrics for each one.

They are both really great songs about cheating and you'll be able to feel the anger these two women have about men who have cheated. It really makes you feel powerful and justified for feeling rage over infidelity. Sometimes, it's good to stop being depressed and start targeting your emotions to the person who has done you wrong.

You know, you don't have to have dumped the person who cheated on you to have rage. Like me, who is in the process of recovering from infidelity, I understand that I have a right to be angry, I have been betrayed by the one person who I never thought would have hurt so badly.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new selections and if you have any other songs about cheating, feel free to leave your comment!

Special Moments as a Family After the Affair

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I have always cherished the time we spend together as a family. I love holidays because they are the times that you have the most memorable moments. I have a feeling that holidays will have much more meaning now...because they almost didn't happen this way.

Yesterday, we had trick or treating because our town didn't want to celebrate Halloween on a Sunday. As we watched our kids walk up to each door, yelling trick or treat, saying thank you and then walking to the next house as me and my husband walked hand in hand, I realized that this all could have been so much different. All I had to do was slap down $2500 at the attorney's office, tell him to write up the separation agreement and we would be living in two different states awaiting a divorce settlement. I could either be taking the kids trick or treating by myself or they would have been with my husband...and I would have been alone...missing the joy the kids were having.

The risk my cheater husband made makes me sick to my stomach. He almost ruined our family....and our future. He almost ruined the memorable moments we would have shared together. He almost ruined everything because of his selfishness. He didn't think of me and the kids and all of these things he took advantage of before. He didn't realize how important we are to each other and how good life was with us. It took a near divorce to open his eyes...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Songs About Cheating

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I think infidelity is one of most rage producing things that can happen in life. This person that you trusted with all if your being betrayed you and that is devastating. To cope with the recovery from infidelity, listen to songs that relate to my rage and sadness. Many times, I'll smile just because the lyrics speak so true of my feelings and thoughts. Sometimes I laugh because the lyrics are only what I wish I could do to vent some of the infidelity rage.

I've added a playlist of some of my favorite cheating songs. Take some time and listen to the words even if you aren't a fan of the genre.

I'm always looking for good cheating songs, so leave me a comment with your favorites and I'll had them!

The Affair Ruined My Self-Esteem

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The rage came out again tonight mixed in with depression. I decided to buy some pretty new underwear today and decided to try them out tonight. I tend to not take close looks at myself in the mirror because it causes me to start finding every flaw and that just brings me down. You would think that something sexy would make me feel better about myself. WRONG! ...All because of cheater's affair!

I put on my new panties and take a look at how my 32 year old butt looks in them. I've been working out and my butt has never looked better. My first reaction was, oh wow look at that. But then...the image of the slut popped into my mind. Specifically the photo I saw of her taking a picture of her butt exactly how I was standing looking at mine. Except since she is 24, she didn't have stretch marks covering each cheek from having two kids.

Now, this just led me to start inspecting other parts of my body. My favorite attack is my stomach. My stomach has never looked so good except...the loose skin that has set up camp. Hey, you don't have a 8lbs 12oz baby boy without having your skin stretch...

These things wouldn't normally bother me so damn much because I am realistic knowing that I had two kids. However, it's a whole different ball game when I know my cheating husband had his eyes and hands all over some tight ass.

So what does a girl do in this situation? She exclaims, "I HATE YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME! I will never be able to say that my husband really loves me because after having two kids he still only has eyes for me." As my husband starts drowning in the quicksand of my rage, he is throwing whatever he can at me..."You're're're hot...I can't keep my eyes and hand off you..." Oh stop please... if you had thought about that before you laid down with would have seen me in my new panties and we would be getting it on right now.I guess all that sex you were having with not only her but with me too is really starting to even out now. Aaawwww.....poor baby.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Triggers that Spark my Rage

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I have never been so messed up mentally. I can go from being calm and somewhat happy with the day and all of sudden, BAM, I hate my cheating husband again.

I feel as though triggers are all around me. If I see a girl who somewhat resembles the bitch that stole my husband, I immediately feel like kicking something. Passing by the hotel I found them at makes me want to crash the car. When my husband tries to be sweet to me by saying something sweet, I immediately remember reading he wrote the same thing to her. JERK.

These triggers are what fuels my rage every single day. I can't go through one day without thinking about this nightmare I am living. If I had some magical gun, I would just shoot everything and everyone that makes me remember anything that has to do with the affair. Until I find that gun, I will just yell at my moron husband, who decided to only think of himself when he decided to start a relationship with a slut.

Hiding from Criticizers of Infidelity Recovery

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My rage isn't only towards my cheating husband. It's also towards people who seem to worry and care about me. I've just had one of the worst things happen to me and all people want to do is offer their "advice". However, their advice is completely from a viewpoint of "what would I do if I were in her shoes". Well, that's all fine and dandy but they really don't know for sure what they would do if they were in my shoes. How am I so sure?

Before my husband and  I got married, we both told each other that if either of us cheated on the other that it would be over. Well, here we are, one of us cheated on the other, but yet, we weren't feeling like it was over. I also understand where people are coming from because if someone were to ask me last year what I would do if my husband cheated on me, I would have said that I would have divorced him so fast that his head would spin. However, for some unknown reason right now, the love is still there...which makes things so much more complicated.

Since society's view of infidelity is that it immediately leads to divorce, it's made me want to crawl into a hole and hide. I can't stand to hear how stupid I am for trying to make it work with my idiot cheating husband. Instead of these people respecting my privacy and time to mourn and heal, they have been stalking me by contacting anyone they can find to find out information about me. Gossip, much?

People really need to stop looking for drama and focus their attentions on more important things in their own life. My life is just that MINE and I am the one who has to live it. RESPECT people. R-E-S-P-E-C-T AKA LEAVE ME ALONE.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Rage of Infidelity

I have never felt the intensity of feelings as I have when I found out that my husband was not only telling some other girl that he loved her, missed her, and wanted her, but also having sex with her.

Oh, it's all fun and games until the wifey finds out...then all hell breaks loose! No one, including myself, ever heard or felt the fury of my rage.

As I work on my marriage (because stupid actually says he loves me), I am prepared to tell my story about my personal journey through infidelity recovery. Here's my reality show; there will be good times and bad times...very very bad times. Buckle up, you're about to embark on MY emotional rollar coaster ride!