Saturday, October 30, 2010

Songs About Cheating

Photo: Filomena Scalise
I think infidelity is one of most rage producing things that can happen in life. This person that you trusted with all if your being betrayed you and that is devastating. To cope with the recovery from infidelity, listen to songs that relate to my rage and sadness. Many times, I'll smile just because the lyrics speak so true of my feelings and thoughts. Sometimes I laugh because the lyrics are only what I wish I could do to vent some of the infidelity rage.

I've added a playlist of some of my favorite cheating songs. Take some time and listen to the words even if you aren't a fan of the genre.

I'm always looking for good cheating songs, so leave me a comment with your favorites and I'll had them!

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  1. Those are some great choices! Here is another :)


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