Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Simply Can't Believe It...

About a year ago, my best friend (the same one I have spoken about in this blog before) stopped talking to me. It was out of the blue. When I asked how she was, she told everything was fine. After a few months, I looked her up on Facebook (I didn't use it much, so there was never a Like exchange). It was on Thanksgiving that I saw that her last name changed to her maiden name.

I called her in tears because I knew what that meant - she left her husband....and she never told me. This was my BEST FRIEND. She was the one I called at all hours of the night crying because I knew my husband was up to no good. She was the one that I went to every single time my husband pushed me away to be with his slut. She was the one that hear about and felt my pain. She was there every step of the way.

After finding out about my husband's infidelity, I asked her to call him to talk about what his true intentions were about the whole situation. She reported back to me that he was pretty serious that he still loved me and wanted to be with me, not his slut.

Okay, so she left her husband and we started to reconnect. After a few phone calls, I heard a name... a guy's name. (You know where I am going with this, right?). At first, I took her "my friend" for face value, but I kept it in the back of my mind. But then, I heard it again. I noticed she was always on her phone when I texted, which she never used to be. She still wasn't being very open with me either when I called her. Everything was always fine, except that her husband was the worst person in the world for reasons that really didn't make him the worst husband.

Well, let's fast forward to last month. We just moved back to where I lived when I first met my best friend. This was what we always wanted! To finally be near each other again, the only thing is that everything is so different. I met with her for lunch with my husband and kids, and she was talking about her impending divorce (it's still ongoing after a year) I noticed that what she was telling me was very...recorded. What I mean is that she was saying EXACTLY what she told me on the phone. It was as if it was just played back - something she had rehearsed. I left that lunch with a very bad feeling.. I told my husband "I don't know what it is exactly, but there is something not right about it." My husband of course told me, "Well, you suspect she has another man, and it's probably true."

I didn't have proof though, so I let myself just go with it. A month or so after that lunch, I had not heard from her. I couldn't stand how distant she was being with me, so I decided that I needed closure from this friendship. I called her to have that closure by saying goodbye, but then she let the bomb drop - YES! She did meet someone and she "fell in love..." (OH GAG ME and MAKE ME THROW UP ALL OVER HER AND HER DOUCHEBAG!

Really? You have got be friggin kidding me! YOU??????????????? You cheated on your husband, just like my husband cheated on me, but then you took it to the next level and left your husband? REALLLYYYYY???? After everything I went through, you did exactly the same thing that I felt like dying over?


I struggled with the information..the proof. Do I want to reconnect with my best friend? The person that I thought was level headed and such a good person? Now, she cheated on her husband with some loser that is 50! No offense to anyone that is 50, it's just that she is 34!!!! Daddy issues much?

But get this....she continues to lie (of course). She tells me her husband is threatening to her. She tells me he calls her all of the time. She tells me she is afraid to leave him completely to go through with the divorce, but yet every time I have spoken to her husband, he has told me a different story. The stories he is telling me is that she is the one that can't make up her mind on what she wants to do. That she is asking him to lunch, dinner, and even staying with him sometimes. She is the one that has issues letting go of her husband completely. OH SHE IS SUCH A SLUT!!!


First my husband, and now, my best friend. REALLY? REALLY?

I know some of you may not agree with this but I cut ties with her. I told her I was too weak to try to save another relationship that was ruined by an affair. She betrayed me (granted not as much as she betrayed her husband) but she did betray me and she continues to lie to me. Maybe...just maybe...if she kept me in the loop, it would have been different...or maybe not. The reality is that she did what my husband did, but left her husband.

I have to give my husband points here...he didn't leave me. He kept the promises he made me, and he has shown me that I was the one he truly loved.

Honestly, I would leave her if I was her husband...but he is standing strong. He wants her back no matter what... So, he's trying not to do anything to drive her away despite her being with Big Papa over there.

When I think about all of this...I wonder what the hell is wrong with this world. Why are people stupid? Why are people so crazy? Why is it happening all over the place. It's all around me all of the time. Just as I was getting used to that chick at the pool that looks like my husband's, I deal with my FORMER best friend's affair.

I'm not going to let her toxicity in my life. I've been through enough affair shit - keep it away from me. Yeah, I guess that makes me a bad friend...I guess I am a bad friend to a bad person.