Cheating Story

We've been married for 7 years. We've known each other for 11 years. We have two children. My husband is in the military, which means he deploys quite a bit throughout the year. The branch of service he is in doesn't send him to war but where he was stationed before, he would be gone for three months at a time. I never thought that three months is just enough time for someone to fall in love. I didn't think I ever had to worry about that.

The last time my husband left for his deployment, he was going through an extremely hard time in his life. His father was terminal and he knew that he may end up dying before he got back home. I knew that this was not a good time for him to be away from family but he is very devoted to his work and refused to take my advice to come home. That was his first mistake that led him down the road of destruction...

About three weeks before he was supposed to come home, he finally decided he wanted to be sent home on emergency so he could see his father for the last time. When he got home, I immediately felt something was wrong but I figured it was because of his father dying. I NEVER thought that he had cheated on me.

After watching him smiling at his phone and being very paranoid with it, I checked our cell phone records to find that he was texting one number constantly all day...everyday. I googled the number and wala...her facebook picture and name came up.

I confronted him and he swore that she was just a friend and never did anything with her. He told me that she was going through something similar with her grandfather and they had a lot in common. I told him that their relationship is inappropriate and that what he was doing was having an emotional affair. I wanted to believe him when he said that they didn't do anything physical...I didn't want to believe that he was feeding me lies after lies.

A couple weeks later, his father died. His behavior became even more suspicious. He was erractic, emotionally abusive, and depressed. He wouldn't leave his phone alone for a second and would hold it away from me whenever he picked it up. I told him that he was acting shady with his phone, but he jumped down my throat every single time accusing me of having paranoia issues.

He then started saying he wanted to go off for a weekend to visit a friend. Then he was quick to rush me and the kids to his grandmother's house so we had a place to stay until we closed on the house. It was weird how before he would do anything to be with us and now he did everything to send us away. All the while, he would text and call me to say how much he loves me, misses me and can't wait to be with us again.

When he shipped me and the kids to his grandmother's house, I just knew something was off. One day, I decided I would drive 14 hours back with the kids and "surprise" him. That was the night my life came crashing down.

I pleaded with the receptionist at the hotel he was staying at to let me peak in his room because he refused to let the lady give me his room key. He was out at a wing place with his slutty mistress. The receptionist didn't want to do it but looked at my kids and just couldn't say no.

I opened the door to his hotel room and it was like walking into my worst nightmare. His clothes all over the floor, her hat on the night stand and her bag with bikini and cigarettes hanging out on the floor. I couldn't look around any more. All I needed to know was right in front of me.

I swore our marriage was over...After talking to him though, we decided that it may be better to separate first. However, a week later, after seeing that she was still calling him, I demanded that he give me his cell phone. While at work, I went through his phone and found his made up email address and password and this is when the nightmare got even worse.

There were literally thousands of emails confessing their undying love for one another and photos of them together. The sex pictures have been brazed in my mind. Seeing your husband with another girl is like having bleach thrown at your face.

I left him then. I saw two lawyers and was convinced that this was definitely the end of our marriage. How could anyone do something so horrible to the person he said he loved? He obviously didn't love me...respect me...or care about me.

The problem was that something inside me wouldn't let me make that step in dissolving the marriage.  I didn't understand it. If anyone had asked me before what I would do if my husband cheat on me, I would surely said that I would divorce him. But here I was, my husband cheated on me, and I just couldn't turn around.

Now, here I am, back with my cheating husband. He has met all of the conditions of my return, he is going to individual counseling, is on medication for bipolar disorder, and is going to marriage counseling with me. I am going to individual counseling and taking depression medication to keep me from falling off the emotional cliff I have been teetering on.

I don't know what will happen with our marriage but I do know that I am doing the best I can with this situation....I just don't want to have any regrets....


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