Friday, October 29, 2010

Hiding from Criticizers of Infidelity Recovery

Photo: Salvatore Vuono
My rage isn't only towards my cheating husband. It's also towards people who seem to worry and care about me. I've just had one of the worst things happen to me and all people want to do is offer their "advice". However, their advice is completely from a viewpoint of "what would I do if I were in her shoes". Well, that's all fine and dandy but they really don't know for sure what they would do if they were in my shoes. How am I so sure?

Before my husband and  I got married, we both told each other that if either of us cheated on the other that it would be over. Well, here we are, one of us cheated on the other, but yet, we weren't feeling like it was over. I also understand where people are coming from because if someone were to ask me last year what I would do if my husband cheated on me, I would have said that I would have divorced him so fast that his head would spin. However, for some unknown reason right now, the love is still there...which makes things so much more complicated.

Since society's view of infidelity is that it immediately leads to divorce, it's made me want to crawl into a hole and hide. I can't stand to hear how stupid I am for trying to make it work with my idiot cheating husband. Instead of these people respecting my privacy and time to mourn and heal, they have been stalking me by contacting anyone they can find to find out information about me. Gossip, much?

People really need to stop looking for drama and focus their attentions on more important things in their own life. My life is just that MINE and I am the one who has to live it. RESPECT people. R-E-S-P-E-C-T AKA LEAVE ME ALONE.

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  1. I agree that you never know for sure what you are going to do until you face the situation. I'm also a bif fan of "piss off" to those who aren't being helpful :D


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