Friday, October 29, 2010

Triggers that Spark my Rage

Photo: Simon Howden
I have never been so messed up mentally. I can go from being calm and somewhat happy with the day and all of sudden, BAM, I hate my cheating husband again.

I feel as though triggers are all around me. If I see a girl who somewhat resembles the bitch that stole my husband, I immediately feel like kicking something. Passing by the hotel I found them at makes me want to crash the car. When my husband tries to be sweet to me by saying something sweet, I immediately remember reading he wrote the same thing to her. JERK.

These triggers are what fuels my rage every single day. I can't go through one day without thinking about this nightmare I am living. If I had some magical gun, I would just shoot everything and everyone that makes me remember anything that has to do with the affair. Until I find that gun, I will just yell at my moron husband, who decided to only think of himself when he decided to start a relationship with a slut.

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  1. Love the pic! Also, I know exactly what you mean about triggers. I have triggers that set me off (different situation but same principle)and I just get an jolt of rage like the original event just happened. Rawr!


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