Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To all the broken hearts....

Tonight I spent some time browsing different blogs about people in my situation and my heart is so full of sadness for all the people that have gone through what I have gone through and who are going through what I going through. Everyone's situation is a bit different but we all have the same rage, sadness and fear. We all wonder, "What the hell happened?"

If only we could all be in a room together to see the pain we all feel so that we all know we are normal. To know that what our husband's did to us is as bad as we feel that it is. To know that even though a lot of us are broken...we are still strong enough to hold our head up high to find out what lead to the affair and try to put our families back together.

To all the women out there with broken hearts...I commend you. I say keep it up...we've come up from the wreckage and we are re-building. We know who we are...we know who our husbands are... and we know what we need to do and not for everyone else but for ourselves.


  1. You mentioned "all the women out there" well what about the Men who have had their wife cheat on them?
    My wife admits that she seen me falling into a deep depression and she "got sick of watching me" so whe went out and found some piece of garbage to sleep with so she could start to feel alive again.
    Married 25 years she noticed something wrong with me and didn't try to help me out of it she thought of herself. Back to the point I was trying to make it's not just women who are cheated on it happens to men, men who work their ass off to provide anything their family wants sometime get treated like fools. I really get pissed at the animal that was nailing her, he got the pleasure he was after, my wife got some pleasure she was after and the other man's wife knows nothing about it so here I am the only one hurting it just doesn't seem right.
    My wife and I are trying to repair the marriage but trust?? how can I ever trust her again? I once trusted her with everything and she betrayed me I now trust her with NOTHING!
    Lot's of luck to you and please remember not all men are scumbags that cheat on their wives.

  2. I am so sorry - I know, I should have include men in my post. Because my heart does go out to you and men in general as well. Cheating hurts everyone no matter if you are male or female. I believe I wrote it directed at females because all the blogs I have read were females. Do you have a blog? I would love to read your perspective on your situation. Sorry again - no offense in my post.

  3. No need to say you're sorry to me, I feel terrible that I may have been a little rough in my comment and so I feel I owe you an apologie.
    I guess I was just trying to vent a little about what I'm going through you're right cheating hurts everyone.
    I don't have a blog I just read other peoples to try to find some comfort or to pick up tips on how to better deal with things.
    I'm 50 years old with a broken heart but I still love her, pretty foolish huh?
    I wish you peace and comfort in life and your relationship and please know your writings are helping some of us out here that really aren't good at expressing ourselves.
    Thanks and peace.

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