Monday, August 6, 2012

Tomorrow-Two Years Since D-Day

Oh I am so not well. I have a migraine and I didn't sleep last night thinking about all the signs that led up to tomorrows two year anniversary. What was cheater doing? Sleeping. Oh I don't worry I kicked him, threw his sheets off him and made him get up with the kids. I also told him how I've realized some thing about marriage... When you get married, you trust someone with your life. You should NEVER trust anyone with your life.

It's bad enough when your parents treat you like crap.. You have no control over that. It's another thing when you choose the person that ends up treating you like crap.

Last night was the first time I ever felt like doing something to the mistress. Like posting her nude pictures on the Internet. I thought about doing a whole blog with her name as the title. Wouldn't that be oh so nice for her, her family and friends to see someday. Or an employer when they search for her....

It's lucky for her that I have a conscious and I know right from wrong. It's a good thing alright....

I'm so flipping mad today... I can't even stand it.


  1. You could always post her on have thought of doing that to the whore too... that way when someone googles her it comes up! Haven't done it myself though... sucks being a 'good' person!!! UGH!

  2. I inadvertently posted the AP's name on SI. Now when people google the facebook page or name, up that link pops. Oops.

  3. Hi I.R. Why should YOU be the only one going through the meat-grinder as a result of THEIR poor decision-making? She deserves some 'negative consequences' for her part in this debacle... Why should she (they, actually) be entitled to anonymity when you have to suffer so publicly? Retribution isn't a dirty word; it's a way to balance the scales, to even things out. Having a conscience can be a liability sometimes, when something is so richly deserved by some jackass. DO IT!!

  4. I want you to print the pictures of her out, and mail them to her anonymously. You won't get to see her face, but you'll know. She will be horrified.

    I just found out a month ago. I still want to punch her in the face. Him too. Him twice.

  5. You know, I would do all of these, but first, I don't want to see her naked with my husband again, and I believe in karma and fear something will happen to me. Yeah, I know, how could I feel that way.... I just don't want to face another nightmare and especially one that is my fault this time.

  6. I wrote a letter via email, did a bit of that kind of thing. Had flying monkeys come after me via Facebook (where husband hooked up with cheating bitch in the first place). Then she slapped me with a restraining! we settled privately. horrendous, and way triggering, but it got it on paper that my husband & I were one team, against her... that was satisfying. No contact allowed, all around. legal consequences. What a cheap, tawdry skank--in a fancy profession, so she's all worried about her reputation. hah... if only they knew, they would run in droves.

  7. I posted many of my husbands cheat partners on One actually had her mother call me and ask to take it down. She said she'd get a lawyer and sue me. LOL Bring it on bitch. It's only defamation if it's not true. Besides that, how can you make a whores reputation any worse? My D-day was March 27, 2011. My husband is a recovering sex addict. We've been married for twenty years. He never told me and I thought we had the perfect marriage. My posts on cheaterville have gotten over a million hits. I highly recommend it. I post under the name Blindsided. We are still together but I am struggling like anyone else would be. I also sent each one of them cards from They have a great card that has a picture of a delolition sight of a home. Inside it says that they won the "Homewrecker of the year award". I also sent it to their parents and spouses. This IS the Karma they get.


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