Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cheating Revenge: Post a Cheating Husband Sign

If you're looking for a way to ruin your cheating husband's reputation, putting up a huge sign in your yard may do the trick.

From Hilarious Pictures

Just remember, if you do this, you are also telling all your neighbors and passer byers that you've been cheated on and you may not want that much exposure for yourself. Just a thought.


  1. I love these great ideas! That shit will be at the downtown traffic signal. With full names. Like a political sign, but bigger. Oh. It would be SO on. <3 it!

  2. I basically did that to the other woman so to speak... I let the entire town know with about 2000 fliers. She lives in a town of about 800, grew up there. Her great-grandpa one of the towns founders.

    Bad me. They lived about 8 hours from us. The affair went on when my husband would go home to visit mommy without me and the kids. Well, I was so furious one night I drove all the way there, got a hotel 30 minutes away, went to a OfficeDepot, printed up 2000 fliers of her and my husband recently kissy kissy.. and waited until 4am, drove through the town letting the fly. YES I REALLLLY DID and it felt so good. Still does. Not once do i regret it. Not serious revenge, not permanently damaging, just something I needed to do.

    Sucks to be her. That was 2 years ago. Lost her job, sits at home, kids are grown and she has to work with her not so happy husband everyday on a farm.

    I'm a passionate soul. I don't encourage anyone to do all I did or anything I did or do - ever. Its my way. What I did at the time. I didn't kill anyone, didn't punch her out, never landed in jail. Just wanted the town to know they had an in-house whore.

    I really need to shut up now.

  3. Thank you for posting that amazing idea.


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