Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear Annie: Cheating Wife Won't Stop

Photographer: Simon Howden
I just read a Dear Annie question about a guy who's wife was caught cheating, begged to have him stay with her, is going to marriage counseling but continues to talk to her lover every day for an hour. Here is my response to the cheating wife:

Ummm....I just have to say, WTF!? End it already! You either want your husband or you want your boy toy. You can't have both lady. I know so many people think they can but really, stop being stupid and selfish. Your lover won't commit suicide...he'll move on to some other slut who's stupid enough to fall for his "charm". You think you are special? If you were that special, you would have left your husband so you could have your side dish all the time. This whole game is ridiculous. Make your mind up's not that difficult.

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