Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Story of Cheating Husband Who Married His Mistress

Photographer: graur codrin
This summer,  in the midst of the affair, my husband and I were moving to a new town very faraway from where we were living before. Because of my husband's behavior during the affair (before I found out) we backed out of a house we were going to buy and had to start over to look for somewhere else to live. During this interim time, we lived in a hotel.

When my husband started his new job in our new town, he met this guy who he mentioned to that we were currently living in a hotel awaiting closing on a house. The guy immediately offered his house to us so we wouldn't have to pay to live in a hotel anymore. We accepted the offer and it soon became known the reason why these people entered our was a window into my husband's "what could have been".

Bryan is ten years older than Cara. He has been married before and has two teenage daughters from his previous marriage. Cara told me the story of how they met and married. Bryan cheated on his wife with Cara. Cara, who was told by her doctor that she couldn't get pregnant and has been having unprotected sex for years, all of sudden became pregnant. Since she was into the wild lifestyle of drugging, drinking and partying she wasn't quite sure who the baby belonged to, however she told Bryan it was his.

Bryan left his wife and married Cara. When the baby was born, it was a good thing she looked like Bryan or Cara would have been in trouble. A year later, Cara became pregnant again. Since Bryan is in the military, he is gone a lot. Bryan's two teenage daughters live with Bryan and Cara instead of their mother so Cara immediately because a mother to four children.

Things are not good between Bryan and Cara. Cara admitted that she is very scared that Bryan will cheat on her just because he cheated on his wife with her. She also mentioned that he acts like an old man because he doesn't want to go out to the bars and party with her (he's 10 years old..been there...done that). The older teenager is out of control, into drugs, dating men much older than her and acting out at school.

It's no wonder why Cara is unhappy. She went from care-free lifestyle to a demanding tied down one. She is on antidepressants, talks about going to live somewhere else with the kids, and they are in the process of seeking marriage counseling.

My husband's mistress was about just as much younger. If he had chosen her, would she had been ready to take on what Cara has? I assure you not. She doesn't even want kids...and scary enough, assured my husband she also couldn't get pregnant. Stupid husband.

The story of Cara and Bryan was like a window into a world that my husband came very close to crashing  into. I am glad that he didn't make the same choice as Bryan, because now we see the other side isn't always greener...

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