Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Emotional Pain Vs. Physical Pain

Photographer: luigi diamanti
I have never felt such emotional pain in my life. Many people who have not experienced such severe emotional pain may never understand that it can be so much worse than physical pain. There are many occasions where I wished that my cheating husband would have just punched me physically than punch me emotionally.

When my husband was in the midst of his affair, he was emotional abusive to me. He would criticize me and yell at me at the drop of a hat. He would push me away as much as he could and even though he was going through the worst emotional pain of his life, he would not let me in to help him at all, which was just another emotional slap in the face. I love my husband and all I ever wanted to do was help him and he would not let me. Instead he would tell me he was fine and didn't need help. Whenever we did have any sort of real conversation, I was attacked with accusations that I didn't understand and couldn't help him.

Not only that, after I found out about the alleged emotional affair he had with his girlfriend, he would tell me that she understood him and they related with each other. He also said that she was going through the same thing  he was (even though  he later found out that she lied about that...among other things...). Every time I heard how much they were connected, it was like being beat down with a stick. I couldn't deal with the news that he had found someone that he would rather talk to and care about.

Emotional pain lasts so much longer than physical pain. Although, anyone who has experienced domestic violence knows that with physical pain comes emotional pain as well. I guess the only way I can say that emotional pain is worse than physical pain is if he had killed me...because he definitely killed me emotionally and that involves more suffering than if I just been shot.


  1. I totally agree the emotional pain can be worse than physical abuse in part (I think) because people are more sympathetic with victims of physical abuse b/c there is something they can see. Sucks for people who are emotionaly beat up on a regular basis that they can't show others the bruises and scars. Now on to some music.

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