Thursday, November 11, 2010

True or False: Cheating Husband's Words

Photographer: jscreationzs
I wonder if my cheating husband really means what he says. I can't stand that he tells me the same things that he said to his slut.

Just this morning, I was telling him that I didn't sleep well. He replies that he doesn't sleep well without me laying next to him. Yeah okay, he said that about 100 times in email to the mistress. Glad you were sleeping next to me every night but yet telling someone else that you can't sleep because you aren't sleeping with her. It's all fake too because he slept just fine. 

So how true are the things that my cheating husband is saying to me? And where does it stop? Does he truly love me for me or are there ulterior motives? If he can say things like that to me and her then how do I know what to believe anymore. I hate him for what he did to me and ruining my security in his words. I used to take his words as truth and now it's all speculation. Ugh...him and his affair.

Update: My husband is two for two this morning. I chose to be the better person and ignore the comment. I am having a good hair day so I snapped a picture and sent it to him. Dont worry, total innocent picture of my face. Well, he responds nicely with that I am gorgeous etc. Then he took it one step too far...he texted, "Yummy!" Yeah, exactly the same thing he said to HER of a picture she sent of her all dolled up to go to the bar.

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