Sunday, December 5, 2010

Her Words to Me by My Cheating Husband

He did it again. He really needs to read the emails he sent to his slut and the ones she sent him because frankly, I'm sick of hearing him either repeat the same things he said to her to me or saying things she said to him to me.

Last night, we were having a really great phone conversation, until he completely ruined it by saying, "It will be like an early Christmas when I get home!". WOW....Those are the exact words she wrote to him in an email when she was getting ready to come meet with him here.

I know he can't possibly remember everything he has said to her and she has said to him and I am hypervigilant about stuff right now, but really, that phrase must have stuck in his mind library for him to repeat it exactly how she wrote it. It must have excited him or sparked some sort of positive reaction to make it stick the way it did. Well, of course it did, she was his "love" at the time.

It makes wonder how many other things he says to me that they shared. After 11 years of being with him, it really sucks that he is a product of this relationship, when the only relationship he should of had was with me. It's one thing if we weren't together and he took things from relationships he had before "my time" but this was during "my time" and I feel so cheated.

Yesterday at the gym, I heard this song and it describes how I feel right now:

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