Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holding Onto the Known Until I Trust the Unknown

There are just things in life you will never know for sure. You just have to trust that they are true. When dealing with Infidelity, I think this is just another difficult factor in a broken relationship to repair.

What I know is true:

  • I know that my husband did not leave me for the affair girl.
  • My husband has changed a lot of his ways.
  • My husband has started counseling.
  • He has started taking medication and has continued for the last four months.
  • He has showed me much more attention as well as the kids.
  • Is still here after all the ugly things I have said to him. 
What I have to learn to trust:
  • That when he says that he loves me that it is true.
  • That he won't ever cheat on me again.
  • That he doesn't long for his slut. 
  • That he has no communication with her.
  • That he won't change his new ways and revert back to inattentive and lazy husband.
  • That he isn't lying to me anymore.
  • That he won't ever betray me again (cheating and otherwise). 
While the things that I have to learn to trust in are some of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship, at least I can begin to grasp what I know I have and what I have to strive for. 

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