Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let's Talk Medication for Affair Recovery

One of my biggest pet peeves is that people still stigmatize mental health issues. There is nothing wrong with being a little crazy. I can say that because I worked in the mental health field. We all have issues and if a little medicine is going to help your mind function properly, I am all for it.

I have a history of depression and it runs rampid through my family. So, when the affair struck, my therapist suggested that I ask about an antidepressant as sort of prevention. I didn't have a problem with that except I resented my husband for making me have to deal with this. But anyway, I was given the same antidepressant I was on years ago but for some reason, this time, it didn't work as well. So I had to switch to another one...and then another one....until I was given Cymbalta. EUREKA!

With all of the ruminating I do about the affair, it's a wonder I can focus on anything but I can and it's all because of my new little friend. However, it made  me stay up all night. I would have bad restless legs and I would just think about the affair ALL NIGHT LONG. Astounding enough, I wasn't that tired in the morning, but that could also be from the adrenaline all my thoughts were revving up.

I was also having migraines...yeah no one should have an affair on someone who suffers from migraines because stress precipitates them. All the stress did make my migraines worse and more often. So I started on all these different migraine medications (I am in my 30s but yet I am like an old woman needing meds and doctors appointment everyday) and none of them worked. Now I am on a prevention for migraines - Elavil.

That stuff KNOCKS ME OUT. It's so great. As soon as it starts working, I drift off to sleep and I don't wake up until the morning. No more sleepless nights for me. Hopefully, no more migraines but it's too early to tell.

So what's my point? If you're suffering badly from the affair and it's affecting other areas of your life or you have a history of depression or other mental health disorder, ask your therapist or medical doctor about medication. There's nothing wrong with it....when you're physically ill, you don't worry about treating yourself with medication then do you? Well, treat your mind, which rules your body, just as well.

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