Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Alone but Together

My husband is away right now. I could have driven the two hours to meet his boat with the kids in tow but it would have been too much on them and me. Our babysitter is in high school so it's not like she could have babysat into the late hours of the night. So, today, I spent Valentine's Day without my husband. I am fine with that. I am a military wife and that is one of the things I do.

However, my husband and I spent hours talking on the phone tonight. Not something out of the ordinary. We are pretty good communicators. We click in that way. We can talk and talk and always find something more to talk about. At the foundation of our relationship we have friendship...and it may be the only thing holding us together ...well, along with the kids.

Tonight, his friends asked if he wanted to  go out with them. They know what the answer will be because after the affair discovery I told him that I would not stand by while he went off with his friends like he said he was doing before or like he did before...we have no trust right now and well, God knows what he could be doing while out with them. I'll tell you, I got a little nervous him being docked in a city...I started conjuring up stories that his little slut mate was driving there to meet him for the night after 6 months away.

Anyway, my point is this, my husband answered this to his friends who tried to get him to go with them: It's Valentine's Day, how fair is it that my wife stays home tonight with the kids and I go out drinking with you fools?

Mind you, some of them are married themselves. They just shrugged and walked away. At least, finally, my husband is making sense out of situations. It just sucks that it took an affair to get him to see the light...

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