Sunday, July 10, 2011

Women Who Cheat

So I am making a little change in my topic of blogging today because I am on a rant lately on women who cheat. What the  hell is wrong with women who cheat? Honestly. What is wrong with you?

We all know that men are stupid and think with their penis' sometimes but women - have you lost your minds? Apparently. If you have a husband who hasn't cheated on you - then you should appreciate that. If you can't stand him for some other reasons, well, then deal with that. Bring it up - go to marriage counseling - tell him you are done and want a divorce. Anything but start sleeping with a male slut. It makes you trashy...really.

Then there are the women who cheat who have children. Okay, really? What is wrong with you? You have children and this is the role model you want to be to them? You want to show them it's okay to be mommy by day and slut by night? Classy...really classy.

You know, I am not perfect - who is? But I sure as hell wouldn't be slutting myself around at the expense of my family.

If you're reading this and you're a woman who cheats - grow up! You aren't in high school's not all about good times and wild hairs up your ass. It's about time to be an adult and appreciate a normal life full of real love. Yeah, that's right, that gem you're banging ain't in love with your ass (well....he may be in love with your ass...but that would be about it). If he was in love with YOU, he would have enough respect to tell you to leave your husband before laying down with him. Your male slut is just as trashy and classy as you... what a perfect pair. HA.

I know what you are thinking, "You don't husband doesn't love me...he ignores me...I need more out of life." Look, life isn't easy...sometimes we have to make difficult decisions. If you can't deal with your husband, no matter what, it's time to end the marriage. If you have kids, yes, it will be hard on them but how hard will it be on them when someone finds out you are an adulterer. Don't think they will find out? Fine..go ahead and keep doing what you're doing...don't say I didn't warn you.

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  1. Some people care only about themselves. It is sad when that person has become a parent, but it happens allllllll the time (be it drugs, career, wtfever). So yeah. You tell 'em girlie ;)


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