Sunday, August 7, 2011

Infidelity in Cedar Rapids

So I wanted to see the movie Cedar Rapids because it seemed as though it would be a funny flick. Well, it was funny, up until one of the characters, who is married basically cheats on her husband. Oh, you know the deal, they look lovingly into each other's eyes, make out and then hop into bed with each other. They then think the sex was spectacular and oh how great life is....

OH whatever. Thanks for showing a movie of the affair my husband was in... I can hardly watch anything anymore without some sort of great love affair story. Because yeah, that's what I want to see ... two people who are committed to other people think they are in love with each and break their vows for one another. Yep, love that....ugh.

Of course, we turned off the movie as soon as the sin had been committed. Now, all I am left with is the haunting feeling of what the affair my husband was in was like. Super.

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  1. Funny I have the same feeling. Everytime I watch a movie where one person cheats, I cringe. I dont stop watching it. But inside me I'm boiling with rage.

    The problem is that almost every second movie has some affair in it. I wonder if hollywood is just reflecting reality. In anycase funny how Hollywood has made affairs almost acceptable. Its sick.


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