Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Real Housewives of New York - Ramona Singer

The episode when Ramona is sitting with the fortune teller in Morocco and she tells her that she sees another woman in Mario's life, I knew was taking a turn towards the cheating path. Because you know, all shows these days have to have a splash of infidelity in there somewhere. Shoot, all relationships these days have to have some of it it seems.

But, when Ramona tells Mario what the fortune teller said, the truth was written all over his face. He is most definitely cheating on her. You could tell he was trying really hard to make his voice sound as truthful as possible. It was strained.

Then at the reunion show when Jill said that there is talk among the social circle that he has been cheating on her...well, that's the hook and sinker right there. People don't go around talking unless it's true.

My heart goes out to Ramona...I'm sorry girl - we're in a club no one ever wants to be in. Hoping the best for you - whatever that is...

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