Friday, August 12, 2011

Signs from God

The whole time my husband was cheating on me, I was given signs from God. Even the first day that he crossed the line with her (not sex but just flirting, I knew something was in the air, I just didn't know what). Anyway, after church Sunday my cheater said, "I wish God had sent me signs when I was going down the wrong path..." All I could say is, "He did, you just weren't listening." And he just didn't get it. It wasn't until I pointed the signs out that he started to see that he completed missed them just like the man who drowned in the storm. Do you know that story?

One night, there was a terrible storm. Flooding was scheduled for the town. A man was in his home and his neighbor came by to ask if he wanted a ride to the nearby shelter. The man said that he was staying home because God would save him. The flood waters started to rise and flood out his first floor so he climbed to the second floor. Another neighbor came by in a boat and asked if he would like a boat ride to safety, and the man said that he was safe already because God would save him. As the water rose, he walked up to the roof. This time, a pilot in a helicopter flew by and told him to hop in, but the man declined again saying that God would save him. The man's house was washed away and he drowned. When he reached the Heavenly Gates and approached God, he asked, "Why did you save me?" God said this to him, "I tried! I sent three people to save you and you turned them all away!"

My husband likes this story and I told him that this story is a lot like his. Right after he left for his deployment, I begged on the phone for him to come home because I knew he was not fit for being away from family. However, he declined and said that he had a job to do and he intended on doing it. I also advised him that it was not a good idea to hang out with the crowd he started to hang out with many times, but he was adamant that he needed to because they were the only ones who would go out and drink (which is what he wanted to do for stress relief). Now, you may just think I was being a nagging wife but I wasn't commanding, I feel that God was speaking through me. The only way to get the message across since my husband was only speaking with me.

But if you aren't convinced? Want to know a sure sign? When he made the email to correspond with her and send all those nasty email messages and photos? Guess what the email service automatically generated for the number? 2830...

28 - the day of our wedding in June
30 - the day of his birthday in June

Now, when you make an email account and have to put that in repeatedly - wouldn't something click after awhile? It didn't take me long....

God doesn't come right out and says, "HEY STUPID...STOP BEING AN IDIOT." No, he is going to point things out and have you come to the conclusion yourself. If you can't do that, then that's on you. If you know the signs to look for and follow them, then you are in tune with God. I think it takes a conscious effort to realize God is helping you. You have to look around you and do what your faith in God tells you to do. The rest will fall in place. If you don't, the rest will fall out of place.


  1. Karma.God is awesome.

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