Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sad Thinking About a Friend

I'm up working late tonight. I sit remembering all the days I would sit and work until 1AM with my "work buddy." It was awesome. We met each other online because we both came across an opportunity that ended up not panning out. We remained connected and for years, we would chat with one another when we were working online.

This friend is kind of gone now. About two years ago, she ended up cheating on her husband. She didn't want to tell me because of course, it's what my husband did to me. She told me though, and I was doing alright with it.

After some time though, she stopped talking to me. I didn't know why, but I figured she just needed some time to figure things out in her marriage. Out of everyone, I know all about that...

A couple of months ago, I sent a random message to her online telling her that I was thinking of her. She replied to tell me that her and her husband were getting a divorce. That's all I know...

I miss her. I miss my other friend who left her husband for another man. I miss both of these friends. They were such huge parts of my life. Now, they are gone.

Sometimes, I wonder how my marriage is still moving forward when I've lost these two friendships because of infidelity (indirectly, I know). It just seems to ruin everything...

I'm so sad.... :( It's not fair. I never did anything and infidelity seems to keep hurting me.

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  1. Sometimes I get mad at my close friend for cheating on her bf of 8 years. Though she was unhappy in her relationship, she cheated instead of getting out of the relationship first. She was a coward and couldn't move on without having someone to move on with. Her ex-bf was so hurt. Sometimes I hear her justifications and can't help but scream inside my mind "how could you! You saw what infidelity did to me!"


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