Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blind Gossip About Cheating Husband

Photographer: Filomena Scalise
My cheating husband today received a call from his mom asking if I had told anyone else about his infidelity. Apparently, one of his aunts, who still has no idea (and is the only one doesn't know) is starting to ask questions. I will honestly tell you that I did not say a word to anyone..remember, I am hiding from criticizers right now. So that means, I hide from EVERYONE.

It's interesting how months after this came out people are still wondering what is going on with us. We live thousands of miles away and we still send out a vibe of, "Oh no, something REALLY horrible has happened."

People will always gossip. In this case, it's blind gossip. They haven't seen anything or even heard the whole story but they still talk. I guess it's hoping that someone will crack, and knowing my husband's family, someone will.

I could tell that this bothered my unfaithful husband quite a bit. That is fine with me. Whatever backlash and shame he gets out of this mess HE put us all in is well deserved. He really should have thought about how many people would find out and what they would think of him way before  he decided to have slut sex. What an idiot...

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