Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Universe Won't Give Me an Infidelity Break

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After having to endure a whole weekend of two people celebrating their love for one another in a wedding, I have to continue to be reminded how my husband sucks.

As I was on a pretty vigorous session on the elliptical, I had to watch one of the three TVs because I couldn't listen to Pandora due to my phone being dead. All of a sudden, I felt like someone just threw bleach at my face. A commercial of the inn and suites where I finally found out the truth came on. Not only was it just the name of the hotel, it showed the front desk. The same front desk I stood at and begged the receptionist to let me into his room, while he was out with HER. Then it showed the room, the same room I saw his clothes all over the floor and her hat on the nightstand and bag with bikini and cigarettes hanging out on the floor. I looked away at that point because I could feel my blood pressure and pulse rise.

You would of thought that after seeing that it would have been enough of a trigger to send me flying off the elliptical into a raging phone call to the stupid husband figure. But no, I stood strong. Then, all of a sudden, the commercial played again on the other TV. All I could think was, "Are you kidding me?". This time I saw the pool that he dropped his phone into because he was drinking by it...with or without her. He says he was alone, I beg to differ. In any case, I saw the commercial one more time after that one and thankfully it wasn't long after that I was done with my workout.

Honestly, I think I took out my rage on the elliptical, all of a sudden I was going faster and today, I am sore. Rage needs to be released and I found the way that was most available at the time...

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