Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Societal Scrutiny Over Demi and Ashton Bumping Up Affection After Affair Allegations

Photographer: Francesco Marino

Okay, so we don't know for sure whether Ashton is Demi's cheating husband but most rumors result from the truth. So let's just assume that Ashton is definitely a cheating husband. Recently, they have been spotted being very affection in the media spotlight. This is apparently a big deal because the media is covering it, such as in this article, Demi and Ashton: Still in love and stronger than ever in wake of cheating allegations.
I say, who cares! No one knows for sure what is really going on with them behind closed doors. This may be a whole big ploy and they may be planning a divorce any day now, OR they could really be recovering from infidelity and are trying to appreciate each other like maybe they have failed to do for the last few months or more.

Society always has to point fingers and make judgments about other people's lives. So Ashton had an affair and now they are trying to make it work or appear to be trying. If no one paid attention, no one would write about it. They would just say, "That's  nice." and keep on moving. Since most of society is shaking their head, calling Ashton a scumbag and wondering what Demi is thinking, the media is all over it. Let's all focus on our own lives and the shame we all have somewhere in it.

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